The Breaking Barber, Luke J. Ignace, founded The Breaking Barbershop to provide the creative community with grooming services. With an emphasis on showcasing Urban Culture, The Breaking Barbershop caters to all, and it is dedicated to creating a comfortable and authentic atmosphere where people can converse, connect and collaborate with respect and dignity.

Named for shattering the invisible glass ceiling in our minds, The Breaking Barber prides himself on connecting and mobilizing communities. “This is a barbershop where you can be who you are, be understood for who you are, and leave better looking and more connected to the society you’re in, than you were before.


The Breaking Barbershop opened in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, after the Black Lives Matter movement began. The Black Lives Matter movement created a more permeable socio-economic landscape, with societal shifts being felt across the world.


Luke believes that conversations can end conflict. Co-operating with one another to have these deliberations, in safe spaces and places, is the mission of this Barbershop in healing and contributing to our various communities.

The Future

The Breaking Barbershop is a multi-faceted business that serves to Connect Empower and Unite “Urban Islanders” – the innovative and charismatic thought leaders on an Island state.


I’m Looking forward to having you in the Barber’s chair. People say that PEI is too small for an urban economic system to exist, but that belief is only prevalent because it is the story that is continually told, without fact-checking. The fact is, most youth here enjoy urban culture, but it’s not fostered, curated, or documented well enough to have us realize this.

Other than cutting hair, The Breaking Barber plans to level that playing field in order to provide more opportunities and awareness of our “Urban Islanders”.

  • Working Time

    SATURDAY   9.00am – 7:00pm
    SUNDAY   10.00am – 7:00pm

    ~ 30min Call-Ahead Reservation! ~


“Luke is an awesome host with plentiful talent in his work. Certainly, an experience - not just a haircut!”

Joseph Beely

"Haircut is phenomenal. He takes his time and cuts until the customer feels satisfied. I enjoy the service because he has great skills and an awesome personality. Great barber 10/10"

Dineshio Barr


Makabuza Kenny

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